Enzyme patient testimonial


I first heard about Dr. Mary through my grandmother because she highly recommended her, which says a lot

Dr. Mary was able to help me in many ways. I work at a computer all day in an office, I travel, and I go to they gym frequently and work out my muscles to the max. As a result, my wrist would hurt and occasionally my back would hurt. When I saw Dr. Mary, I came to realize that she wasn’t just a back specialist but actually a whole body and health specialist. She educated me on health, eating, and stress.

I also discovered that Dr. Mary was also an enzyme specialist. She could touch certain pressure points on my body and know what is wrong with me and what I needed to do to feel better. It was as if she had a way of pulling the truth out of my body. For example, one time she touched a stomach pressure point and said to me, “Wow, your intestines are full of yeast. Have you been eating a lot of bread and pizza?” She was right. Another point, she touched an area on my upper stomach and said, “Your gallbladder is slightly inflamed”. “Have you been eating foods high in fat, because your gallbladder is inflamed because it is overworking to digest it all?” Of course, the previous night I poured too much olive oil in my salad.

However, the most fascinating story was about my protein intake. I started to work out and was eating a lot of protein to gain weight. So when I went to go see Dr. Mary, she said, “your body stressed out because your body wants more protein.” I said, “that’s impossible. I have like three big protein shakes a day and eating a lot of protein heavy meals!” She said “That may be the case, your body doesn’t lie. You may be eating it, but your body is not digesting it and allowing it to go to your muscles where you actually need it”. Then she touched my neck and said, “wow, your thyroid is inflamed also. That could only be due to change in hormone levels. Are you eating a lot of soy protein?” I said yeah, “three times a day, in my protein powders and the veggie meat I eat”. Dr Mary was able to educate me estrogen levels of soy, and how I needed avoid it for several weeks and then slowly bring it back into my body but in small proportion and not every day.

Because Dr. Mary has been so invaluable to my health, I choose to see Dr. Mary on a routine basis as part of my overall health maintenance plan. After traveling on airplanes for work, I sometimes come back to Dr. Mary, and she will adjust me. One time I needed an adjustment so bad, that after I was done, my vision improved instantly. It was the weirdest thing. When I asked Dr. Mary why, she said it is due to my body being out of alignment. Now my blood circulatory systems and nerve systems were flowing properly. I couldn’t believe it.

All I can say is that when I walk into her office it’s like I am walking into a lovely place like my grandmother’s home. It is warm, filled with love, friendly, peaceful and calm. It even has spa like qualities. Dr. Mary for me isn’t just a chiropractor, she is a friend. She has established herself as part of the Port Washington community. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone who is in pain that wants a better lifestyle.